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Zuckerman Interview Firestorm at SXSW


Some of the blogosphere is talking about the interview Zuckerman did with BusinessWeek Reporter Sarah Lacy. Ms. Lacy is catching some heat about her annoying style and the resulting fracas at the end of the interview with the Facebook CEO.

The tech industry can be particularly harsh. Sarah comes off a little self-centered, & generally has an irritating personality. If you don’t want to watch the entire interview, fast forward to the last 10 minutes and you will see most of the fireworks.

Here’s the video. All in all, she didn’t do a terrible job. The “Art of the Interview” is not as easy as it may seem. Sure she probably drives some of her friends and family crazy at times but on the flip side, she’s interviewing Mark Zuckerman at SXSW. Who the hell am I to bust her up. Cut her some slack.